Home renovations in Southern Highlands

Looking to revamp your home? We provide renovations, extensions and remodels to homeowners across the Southern Highlands. Whether you want to redo the entire house, start from scratch with a full tear down, or just update your kitchen and bathroom—ours is the team to call. The professionals at GMT Builders can handle any aspect of your renovation project, from painting and roofing, to more strenuous jobs like wall removal and floor replacement.

Working closely with architects, engineers and associated trades, our team can create an entirely new layout to accommodate your wishes. We can also do a complete teardown and rebuild from the ground up, putting the home you truly want on the land you love. Our team can evaluate your home to determine which options are right for you based on your desires and budget.
Modern Bathroom — Building Services in Berrima, NSW
Living Room Renovation — Building Services in Berrima, NSW
During the past decade, we have established ourselves as Master Builders in the Southern Highlands and surrounding areas. You can trust our team to provide the highest quality materials and to ensure every step of your renovation is completed to meet your exact specifications. We will ensure you are fully satisfied with our work, and always have access to our builders for discussion. You won’t be passed off to another point of contact. We involve our clients with every stage of construction. They are encouraged to ask questions, make suggestions or just find out how the project is going.

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